Are There Some Book Suggestions About Spiritual Direction

I am a reader. I read several books about spiritual direction before finding a spiritual director myself. My first introduction to the concept of spiritual direction was a fictional series of books about Anglican clergy in mid-20th century England, the Starbridge series by Susan Howatch. These are definitely fiction, but each book is about an Anglican clergyperson and a spiritual crisis of one sort or another. All have spiritual direction and God’s grace as components of healing. These are a bit melodramatic stories, but after reading the series, I was committed to finding a spiritual director.

There are three books I recommend about seeking a spiritual director and how to get started. Starting Spiritual Direction: A Guide to Getting Ready, Feeling Safe, and Getting the Most Out of Your Sessions by John Mabry, Navigating the Interior Life: Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God by Daniel Burke and Abba, Give Me a Word: The Path of Spiritual Direction by Roger Owens (links are to reviews on my blog)

Starting Spiritual Direction is the shortest and the most directly about what to expect from spiritual direction and how to get started. Abba, Give Me a Word is written by a protestant pastor telling his story of why he found a spiritual director and how he found it helpful. Navigating the Interior Life is from a clearly Catholic perspective. Still, that different perspective on spiritual direction can be helpful to see how wide the field of spiritual direction is and is very practical in approach.