What is Spiritual Direction?

There are many definitions and introductions to Spiritual Direction. Two helpful ones are this one by Richard Foster that was published in Christianity Today and this one at Ignatian Spirituality.

In simple terms, Spiritual Direction is from an ancient practice of younger Christians seeking out older Christians to walk with them, and for them together to listen for God’s work in their lives.

I have been trained in the Ignatian stream of spiritual direction that emphasizes seeing God in all things, learning discernment to bring our faith into everyday life, and developing an intimate relationship with God.

The term spiritual direction can be confusing; some prefer the language of spiritual companionship. However, it is not the other human but God that is the director. The other human is simply an additional set of ears and eyes that listen for God’s work in your life and helps to watch for where God is moving. And someone that is regularly in prayer for you.


For just over 29 years, I have been a non-profit consultant, leading a small non-profit that primarily works in areas of prayer and community ministry. Over the past 16 years, I have worked as a full-time nanny for my two nieces from birth until they started school and then as a stay-at-home Dad for my two children. My wife and I have been married for nearly 27 years.

Eleven years ago, right before my first child was born, I discovered spiritual direction. It was what I needed at the time. I had been to seminary and graduate school, was ordained, and had served with churches helping develop their ministries, but I also knew there was more to the Christian life.

Anticipating my children going to school and having more time to devote to ministry, I started a spiritual direction training program to help others find the deeper spiritual life that spiritual direction had helped me to find as well. I attended a two-year graduate training program through Spring Hill College, graduating in 2021.

I am convinced that part of what is lacking in many churches, and in many individual Christian lives is individual discipleship and attention to the spiritual life. The spiritual life is not something we do in a morning devotion or at church each week; the spiritual life is what motivates all of our existence. Spiritual maturity is not about the biblical or theological knowledge we can recite; it is about living the life God created us to live, finding God’s path for us, and living an integrated life.


I live in Marietta, GA. You can email me, text or call at (773) 368-3793 (please leave a message if I do not answer) or contact me via Twitter or Facebook.

How Do I Get Started

To get started, you just have to schedule an initial meeting. Call, text, or email and set up a meeting. Meetings can be done in person or via Zoom. The first meeting will mostly be about getting to know one another. After the first meeting (or at any time), you do not have to continue if you get a sense that this will not be helpful. 

There will be time for you to ask questions and get to know me, but I will ask questions about your spiritual history. Did you go to church as a kid? What are common ways you experience God? What is prayer like for you? How would you describe God? There are no right answers, the point is to get to know you and your spiritual history and orientation so that we can listen to God together.

More About Spiritual Direction

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